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Bala Gi's Joy From X3 Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Sector Information Race Pirate Security Level Border Population 96,334,094 Planets 3 Sun Strength 100% Sector Size 90 km Gates Gate x y z Destination South -10,500 m 0 m -22,099 m Olmancketslat's Treaty West -24,724 m 3,656 m -12,687 m Farnham's Legend Universe Map Contents 1 Description 1.1 Encyclopedia Entry 2 Default Stations 3 Asteroids Description Encyclopedia Entry Deep in unclaimed space, this system is little more than a long-established and well-respected ambush. Rogue Teladi and Argon stations provide cover for aggressive Pirate strike forces. A single, cratered moon holds the wrecks of many of the ships disabled, stripped and left to fall to its surface by freebooters, hullcutters and privateers.

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