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Contorted Dominion From X3 Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Sector Information Race Split Security Level Border Population 28,926,907 Planets 4 Sun Strength 100% Sector Size 80 km Gates Gate x y z Destination East 34,500 m -500 m 1,000 m Faded Dreams South 0 m 0 m -36,000 m Thyn's Excavation West -35,000 m 0 m 0 m Patriarch's Conclusion Universe Map Contents 1 Description 2 Default Stations 3 Asteroids 4 See Also Description The Split have chosen to maintain this sector as little more than a trench upon which to launch further attacks against the Boron in nearby sectors. Boron incursions are routine, as they struggle to regain control. There is little here that does not involve war or conquest.

Default Stations Military Outpost Asteroids No asteroids known in this sector

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