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Empire's Edge From X3 Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Sector Information Race Paranid Security Level Core Population 24,561,112 Planets 1 Sun Strength 150% Sector Size 40 km Gates Gate x y z Destination North 0 m 0 m 22,176 m Paranid Prime East 22,176 m 0 m 0 m Duke's Domain South 0 m 0 m -22,173 m Preacher's Void West -43,940 m -14,500 m -9,000 m Savage Spur Universe Map Contents 1 Description 1.1 Encyclopedia Entry 2 Default Stations 3 Asteroids 4 See Also Description Empire's Edge was once the corner of the known Universe, but today it is a crossroads in the middle of Paranid space and the border of Yaki space to the west. It is a favorite location for players wishing to train Local Traders using Trade Command Software Mk. 3, as the sector has many factories capable of selling directly to one another.

Encyclopedia Entry Perhaps the stunning gas nebulae that dominate the view in this system and the general atmosphere of peace and tranquility are what inspire the gorgeous jewelery crafted by the Paranid here. The tiny masterpieces they craft from Majaglit can take years to complete and are collected avariciously by art enthusiasts from around the systems.

Default Stations Military Outpost Paranid Trading Dock Solar Power Plant M alpha Solar Power Plant L beta Soyery M alpha Soyery M beta Soyery L gamma Soyfarm M alpha Soyfarm L beta Space Jewellery M alpha Heavy Weapons Complex alpha Asteroids Asteroid Coordinates (m) Ware Yield x y z Ore 14 4072 595 2790 Ore 14 -36552 -14904 -2709 Ore 12 596 2725 5920

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