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Friar's Retreat From X3 Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Sector Information Race Paranid Security Level Border Population 92,074,805 Planets 2 Sun Strength 150% Sector Size 60 km Gates Gate x y z Destination North 0 m 0 m 29,232 m Cardinal's Domain East 29,232 m 0 m 0 m Pontifex' Seclusion South 0 m 0 m -48,067 m Consecrated Fire West -29,232 m 0 m 0 m Spring Of Belief Universe Map Contents 1 Description 2 Default Stations 3 Asteroids 4 See Also Description This sector is occupied by one planet and the remains of its only moon. It is unknown how the moon was destroyed in this manner, but the fallout has caused the planet's atmosphere to become irradiated, leaving it deadly to all forms of life. When the Paranid moved in, they set up a standard colony with basic resources. Hopefully in time more will be built.

Default Stations Asteroids Asteroid Coordinates (m) Ware Yield x y z Ore 14 1463 14572 642 Ore 11 -6262 11757 4617 Ore 5 6906 7871 7482 Silicon 26 10541 35165 331 Silicon 15 3036 29464 7251

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