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Missiles are expendable munitions.

Most attack missiles and torpedoes detonate to cause damage to shields and hulls. Their primary purpose, to distinguish themselves from energy weapons, is that they consume much more space and functionally cost you money to attack, but compensate by being capable of inflicting far more damage in a given period of time than a regular weapon can. A good many types of missiles cannot be bought at all, and must be hoarded from enemy kills, making them more precious as a weapon, or else simply sellable loot from a kill. Many powerful missiles and torpedoes have ranges far greater than normal lasers, making them capable of being used from “safe” ranges where a smaller ship would be vaporized by capital ship fire if they traveled into standard weapons range.

This means missiles have a large role in combat strategy, as it gives weaker ships a chance to kill stronger ships, if they are willing to sacrifice money or rare loot, or simply have the missile complexes to buy victory.

Boarding pods are a “missile” which delivers marines from the firing ship to the target.

Attack missiles have a variety of properties.

  • Damage is the amount of damage inflicted on targets within the Area of Effect.
  • Range describes how far the missile can travel, generally you want to launch at targets well within range to compensate for target movement.
  • Speed describes how quickly it moves towards a target.
  • Cooldown describes how much time the launcher takes between firings to prepare the next launch.
  • Seeker determines how the missile acquires targets and when it may be fired: Targetted, requiring a target prior to launch or Autonomous which relies on the missile's onboard systems.
  • Swarming refers simply to missiles which release multiple warheads. There are always eight warheads released. Note: warhead behavior is detailed in other columns such as dumbfire, heat-seeking, etc.
  • Guidance determines how a missile tracks and follows targets: Heat seeking missiles will attempt to attack the nearest warm target, Image Recognition or Standard Guidance will follow a specific target primarily based on its appearance, Dumb-fire have no guidance at all and will travel in direction of launch without maneuvering relying on the pilot's intuition of target movement.
  • Fusing controls detonation, most missiles detonate when they impact a target. Proximity fusing will detonate when the missiles gets close enough to the target, generally once it's already missed impact and is getting farther away. A few missiles may be Manually Triggered to detonate remotely, also known as synaptic triggering.
  • Some missiles have extremely powerful detonations which affect large areas the size of this influence is noted by Area of Effect.

Table Of Missiles

Name Damage - Range - SpeedSwarmTargetGuidance TypeRaceShip Type
Banshee Missile74,000 - 14.814 - 153noyesStandard (Impact)CommonwealthM1-M2 M6-M7
Tomahawk Heavy Missile625,000 - 43.1 - 196no Standard (Impact)Commonwealth M8
Hornet Missile200,000 - 31.2 - 186noyesStandard (Impact)CommonwealthM1-M2 M6-M7
Thorn15,000 - 17.777 - 158noyesStandard (Proximity)Kha'akM1-M3 M6
Typhoon Missile240,000 - 74.8 - 195yesyesStandard (Impact)AllM1-M2 M6-M7
Firestorm Torpedo1,000,000 - 99.0 - 165no Standard (Impact)AllM1-M2 M6-M7
Hammer Heavy Torpedo300,000 - 75.9 -253no Standard (Proximity)CommonwealthM7M
Flail Barrage Missile40,000 - 58.3 - 486yes Standard (Impact)CommonwealthM7M
Boarding pods0 - 76.8 - 480noyesStandard (Impact)CommonwealthM7
Poltergeist Missile12,000 - 12.5 - 250yes Standard (Impact)Terran XenonAll
Wraith Missile1,000,000 - 51.0 - 170yesyesHeat Seaker (Proximity)Terran XenonM1-M2 M6-M7
Spectre Missile260,000 - 24.1 - 228noyesHeat Seaker (Proximity)Terran XenonM1-M3 M6-M7
Shadow Missile560,000 - 80.8 - 245yes Standard (Proximity)TerranSkirnir
Ghoul Missile52,000 - 56.2 - 450yes Standard (Impact)TerranSkirnir
Phantom Missile650,000 - 53.0 - 212no Standard (Proximity)TerranM8
Sting4,000 - 39.9 - 257noyesStandard (Proximity)Kha'akM5-M3
Needle7,400 - 26.6 - 174noyesStandard (Proximity)Kha'akM4-M3
Windstalker Missile30,000 - 22.2 - 179nonoDumbfire (Synaptic)CommonwealthAll
Wildfire Missile15,000 - 33.3 - 246nonoStandard (Impact)CommonwealthAll
Disruptor Missile6,000 - 39.9 - 514noyesStandard (Impact)CommonwealthAll
Hammerhead Missile1,200,000 - 86.0 - 172noyesStandard (Impact)CommonwealthAll
Beluga Missile100,000 - 89.9 - 211noyesStandard (Impact)CommonwealthAll
Remote Guided Warhead100,000 - 79.9 - 142no Standard (Impact)CommonwealthAll
Firefly Missile1,500 - 24.9 - 576nonoDumbfire (Proximity)CommonwealthAll
Thunderbolt Missile75,000 - 78.0 - 195noyesHeat Seeker (Impact)CommonwealthAll
Aurora Missile8,000 - 18.7 - 589nonoDumbfire (Synaptic)CommonwealthAll
Tornado Missile400,000 - 24.9 - 312yesnoDumbfire (Proximity)CommonwealthAll
Cyclone Missile23,000 - 59.9 - 148noyesstandard proximityCommonwealthAll
Tempest Missile60,000 - 62.4 - 195nonostandard impactCommonwealthAll
Hurricane Missile6,000 - 29.9 - 471noyesstandard proximityCommonwealthAll
Silkworm Missile19,000 - 28.4 - 190noyesstandard impactCommonwealthAll
Mosquito Missile200 - 14.6 - 590noyesstandard impactAllAll
Firelance Missile4,500 - 49.9 - 500nonodumbfire proximityCommonwealthAll
Wasp Missile8,000 - 18.1 - 560yesyesstandard impactCommonwealthAll
Rapier Missile1,000 - 99.9 - 657noyesstandard impactCommonwealthAll
Dragonfly Missile5,000 - 18.7 - 250noyesstandard proximityCommonwealthAll


  • M8s and M7Ms are not normally included in “All” because they have a “Specific” missile. (Besides Mosquito)
  • M5s are not usually included in “All” and normally use Mosquito missiles or low-yield Terran missiles.
  • Commonwealth includes Yaki and Xenon, since they do not have specific race-based missiles. However, Xenons supports almost every single missile in the game besides Kha'ak missiles.
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