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This page contains spoilers! Exact co-ordinates of the “ownerless” ships and their sectors are summarized below, which is a significant spoiler for some players.

Ownerless ships

Here is a list of all default ownerless ships in X3: Terran Conflict.

In X3: Albion Prelude, ownerless ships exist as well, but their locations are randomly chosen in each game.

Abandoned ships may be claimed by space walking and accessing the ship information screen or use of System Override Software. The ships listed below usually spawn at the listed location at the start of each game. Many players use these ships as a seed for expanded operations either adding them to their fleets or selling them for credits.

The coordinates are given in meters relative to (0, 0, 0) of the sector. An easy way to find them is to use the “Move to Position” command from the autopilot.

Advanced PerseusM3Duke's Citadel4225025031000
Advanced BarracudaM3Hila's Joy-33000150036000
Advanced EclipseM3+Ocracoke's Storm30100-1500-8000
Skate PrototypeM3+Menelaus' Oasis38500100032500
Blastclaw PrototypeM3Veil of Delusion476003500-41500
MambaM3LooManckStrat's Legacy-120601160-19320
Falcon SentinelM3Unknown Sector (16,0)-2000030002000
Pirate EclipseM3+Vestibule of Creation-7000-1350037500
Buster SentinelM4Treasure Chest-32680-5400-33520
Scorpion RaiderM4Xenon Sector 10120125061625
Buzzard HaulerM4Tkr's Deprivation-4204-5862714
Pirate EliteM4+Gaian Star660000-10000
Enhanced PericlesM4Savage Spur447509125-28062
Buster SentinelM4Akeela's Beacon100125-1000077242
Mako RaiderM4Depths Of Silence234972940383
Pericles VanguardM4Unknown Sector (7,15)1375417303-27013
Harrier SentinelM5The Vault-18000-375-51625
Harrier Sentinel vers 3.2M5The Vault-25000-10000-14000
Toucan HaulerTPMenelaus' Frontier43000-700035000
Iguana VanguardTPFamily Whi38000035500
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