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Welcome to X3Wiki Revisited

We were huge fans of the original X3Wiki, and were disappointed to learn of its closure.

We still love the X3 series (even if X4 aims to replace it), and are trying to bring this former resource back to its former glory! We've also tried to add some useful content of our own (especially for Albian Prelude). Our goal here is to duplicate at least some of the most important reference pages so fans (including us) can refer to it for more years to come. We've copied much of the material from the original wiki and removed what may be considered “copyright” material as we build this website.

If you discover something here with questionable copyright - please let me know and I'll remove it without delay. If you are the owner of said content, and would like to give me permission to re-publish it, please contact me about that too!

Thank you for visiting the Wiki, and I hope I can do the original justice with the content available here.


Thanks, Andrew

This Wiki applies to both X3: Terran Conflict & X3: Albian Prelude by Egosoft. Both games are available on Steam if you want to purchase a copy of the games.

Information on this Wiki is for entertainment purposes only and serve as a guide to the immense and sometimes intimidating world of the X3 game series. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies you rely upon in this resource. If you find an inconsistency or mistake, you are encouraged to contact me about it so I can have it corrected, or register on this website and edit the information yourself to make it right!

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