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Space stations are the hub of all space-borne activity. All races meet and conduct transactions aboard space stations. Frequently, stations are the host to missions or offers.

Most stations primarily exist to manufacture and sell goods which may be traded to generate profits. It should be noted that NPC stations frequently have different resource requirements to an equivalent player-owned factory. Infobox data on these pages will issue the stats for player-owned factories, with NPC fab requirements in the article text. Stations can also be connected together to create a Complex using Complex Construction kits. A list of stations follows.

Station Types

Economic stations

Special stations

The function of a few stations is shrouded in secrecy.

The following Terran stations are unique to the Terran race.

Shipyards and Docks are common to all races, provide a few race-unique products, and serve the hardware needs of all visitors alike.


Shipyards are the source for all stations and ships, each race has a few. Shipyards can repair docked ships.


Docks typically host trading functions, permitting traders to buy and sell resources at stable prices. In addition docks typically have some form of ship upgrade service, equipment docks specialize in this and often cooperate with nearby shipyards to fit out new ships.

Military Stations



Factory Lists by Race

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