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Wares are the raw and manufactured goods of the X universe.

Everything in space is a ware and generally occupies space. There are two properties of cargo:

Cargo Class: which describes general dimensions limiting carriage on certain transports. Volume: a numerical description of space limiting carriage to vessels which have enough total free space.

Types of Wares Ship Equipment Tactical Equipment The following wares are offensive and defensive shipboard equipment and have their cargo information listed with their technical specs:

Missiles Weapons Shields Other Equipment The following wares are shipboard equipment that have special functions aboard ship:

Bioscanner Cargo Life Support System Docking Computer Duplex Scanner Freight Scanner Hull Polarising Device Internal Sentry Lasers Jumpdrive Mineral Scanner Ore Collector Salvage Insurance Singularity Engine Time Accelerator Spacefly Collector Trading System Extension Transporter device Triplex Scanner Video Enhancement Goggles With Bonus Pack Turbo Booster Software There are also several software upgrades available which do not take up cargo space, but have unique functions aboard ship:

Best Buys Locator Best Selling Price Locator Carrier Command Software Explorer Command Software Fight Command Software Navigation Command Software Patrol Command Software Software Signature Scrambler Special Command Software Supply Command Software System Override Software Trade Command Software Trading System Extension With Bonus Pack Commodity Logistics Software

Police Licenses The Commonwealth governments offer police licenses, which award bounties against faction enemies. Factions with whom the player is so licensed are noted with an [L] marking next to their notoriety listing in the “Pilot Status” dialog. Additionally, you may scan ships in that races sector legally. (It’s not considered an aggressive act. This will turn the ships to enemy red if you find illegal goods aboard which can be destroyed with no reputation loss.)

For reasons unknown, the Terrans do not offer a similar license.

Ship Upgrades These upgrades increase a ship's general performance.

Engine Tuning Cargo Bay Extension Rudder Optimisation Other Wares These wares are simply trade goods.

Bio Argnu Beef BoGas Carbo Cake Chelts Meat Delexian Wheat Flavour Pack Maja Snails Plankton Protein Paste Scruffin Fruits Soja Beans Sunrise Flowers Swamp Plant Teladianium Vita Kai Water Energy Energy Cells Food BoFu C-Ration Cloth Rimes Majaglit Massom Powder Meatsteak Cahoonas Nostrop Oil Rastar Oil Soja Husk Space Fuel Space Weed Stott Spices Terran MRE Minerals Ore Silicon Wafers Ice Nividium Natural Cartography Chips Cleaning Robots Container Debris Engine Components Entertainment Chips Jumpdrive Components Posters Promotional Plates Teladianium Panelling Tech Cargo Bay Shielding Computer Components Crystals Disintegrator Rifles Hull Plating Low-yield Sidearms Microchips Quantum Tubes Recon Drone Terran EMP Rifles Warheads Ammunition Energy Bolt Chaingun Ammunition Gauss Cannon Ammunition Mass Driver Ammunition Matter/Anti-Matter Warhead Special Objects Special Objects exist independently in space, many of them are sold aboard stations, some (like Jumpgates and Trans-Orbital Accelerators) exist only in space.

Advanced Satellite Fighter Drone Fighter Drone MKII Freight Drone Gate Ion Mine Jump Beacon Keris Lasertower Marine

Matter/Anti-Matter Mine Mercenary Navigation Relay Satellite Navigational Beacon Slaves Spaceflies SQUASH Mine Tracker Mine Trans-Orbital Accelerator Illegal Wares See Also: Illegal Wares by Faction Depending on whose space you're in, different wares are illegal and will cause authorities to attempt to confiscate them. Refusal to eject the illegal ware will result in weapons fire.

In the case of a player factory producing illegal wares, police and military vessels will fire upon the offending station and generally become flagged as hostile.

Argon Ion Mine Matter/Anti-Matter Mine Slaves Space Fuel Space Weed Spaceflies SQUASH Mine System Override Software Boron Ion Mine Matter/Anti-Matter Mine Slaves Space Fuel Space Weed Spaceflies SQUASH Mine System Override Software Paranid Matter/Anti-Matter Mine Slaves Space Fuel Space Weed Spaceflies System Override Software Split Matter/Anti-Matter Mine Space Fuel Space Weed System Override Software Teladi Matter/Anti-Matter Mine Slaves Space Fuel Spaceflies System Override Software Goner Nothing Terran Nothing Pirate Nothing Yaki Nothing Kha'ak Nothing Xenon Nothing Unknown Nothing

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